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Can you imagine living on a ball?

 In recent years, it has become fashionable to believe that the earth is round. Indeed, many scientists maintain this, too, and with their most complicated machineries, calculations and experiments they want to convince us common people of another scientific folly. Yet, every clear-minded person with a reasonable amount of imaginative power will soon find out that this simply cannot be true.

 To come to this conclusion, you do not need any inductions, deductions, or reductions. Just think of a few facts of everyday life, and imagine them happening on a football. The first thing you will find out is that it is, indeed, very hard to stand on a ball. Of course, this will be easier if the ball is bigger and we, in comparison to it, smaller, and we certainly do believe the new scientists that the earth has at least a thousand, if not two thousand, times the size of an ordinary football. But even on a very big ball we would steadily be walking either uphill or downhill, simply because there would not be one fiat piece of ground! If the earth were a ball, every ball, bicycle or car on it would be continually rolling away, and if somebody would drop a button or a coin it would roll down to where Australia is supposed to be! Now everybody will have to admit that he never saw any of those things happen.

 We were also to find out another important point if our ball or coin were to roll to Australia, namely that, infact, it cannot roll there. This is very simple to understand as well. Let US again take the football as an example. It is quite easy to place a little flower, a key, or a mouse on top of it, and with some skill it will also be possible to put it on the side of the ball. But never will anyone be able to place anything on the underside of the ball - it will simply fall off. The same, of course, would happen to the people of Australia and the ice-bears of the Antarctic if, as it is suggested, their countries were situated on the underside of the earth-ball. Even if they would put glue on their shoes in order to stick to the ground, they could not survive because then their bodies would be upside down; and nobody can live longer than a week standing upside down.

 Not only mankind would be badly affected by the new roundness of the earth, but also nature itself. Even if you stick a glass on the side of a football, you will never be able to fill it with liquid; it will simply flow out. The same would happen to our lakes and seas:

even though the holes in the ground could not fall off they could never hold water. Roots of trees and plants would form an incredible mess underneath the ground, since space in the inside of a ball gets smaller towards the centre. And, after all, people on the lower parts of the earth could never see the sun or the moon, nor would they ever have rain or snow, nor wind, because none of them makes a circular movement, which would be necessary to provide the earth with those elements. And everybody knows, that life simply is not possible without them; on the other hand we surely know that Australia does exist and that people and kangaroos live there.

 Now some extra-clever scientists might come along and claim and prove that all this I said above is, by some miracle, possible; but there is still on crucial point left. How should an earth-ball be fastened? It is impossible, since we know for certain that at no point of the earth there is a rope or something similar leading to nowhere, where we might believe it could be fastened. So if the earth were a ball, the slightest wind or push would be sufficient to roll it away (imagine only the kicking of a football...), and everything on it would be smashed into pieces!

 No, the earth cannot be a ball, it simply has to be flat. If you are not convinced by now, just ask one of those modern scientists where he thinks all the ships and planes that disappeared in the Bermuda triangle have gone to. No answer? You see!


Btw.: They fell off the edge, of course!  

                                                                   Look, it is flat !
                ... and how became the earth flat

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